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I don’t know what cookies do.  But apparently, Google, Facebook, and other big tech and small companies can use cookies to track what you do on the internet and sell that to advertisers who bombard you with ads like the one you just clicked on.

Don’t expect that to stop just because you see a warning on a gazillion websites.  These warnings are required because some overpaid politicians (or other equally unnecessary idiots) decided you must be warned about internet cookies’ danger.

Consider yourself warned. If you use this website, you agree to be cookieed. If you have any questions, send them to the dipsticks in Europe (California and likely soon worldwide) who started this warning nonsense.  Do not expect a response.

Robo Caller About To Scam You
Robo Caller About To Scam You

Why Nothing Is Done About Robocalls

Everyone complains about robocalls, but nobody does anything about them.



The phone companies must be raking in a fortune from the billions of calls made just to me.  Obviously, at least to me, the phone companies would not want to lose all that money just to keep me from being annoyed.

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