P-43 Lancer

The P-43 Lancer was a fighter aircraft developed during World War II. It was not an effective aircraft but was known for its outstanding high-altitude capabilities.

 Development and Design

Republic Aviation built the P-43 Lancer, a collaborative effort by a team of engineers and designers, resulting in a versatile aircraft. The project aimed to create an advanced fighter plane that could meet the demanding requirements of the United States Army Air Corps.

One of the key features of the P-43 Lancer was its streamlined and aerodynamic fuselage. This design allowed the aircraft to achieve high speeds and excellent maneuverability, making it an effective interceptor. However, it lacked armor and self-sealing fuel tanks, and production was limited. The P-47 was seen as a more promising aircraft. The P-43 was used mostly for training; some were shipped to China.


Engineered for optimal performance, the P-43 Lancer was equipped with a powerful Pratt & Whitney radial engine and an arsenal of advanced weaponry. The heart of the aircraft, the R-2830 engine, was a 14-cylinder, twin-row radial engine that delivered an impressive 1400 horsepower. This engine provided the P-43 Lancer with exceptional speed and agility, giving it good high-altitude performance.

P-43 Lancer
P-43 Lancer 2 from Life Magazine

High-Altitude Interception Capabilities

Equipped with its powerful engine and advanced weaponry, the P-43 Lancer demonstrated impressive high-altitude interception capabilities. This fighter aircraft was specifically designed to excel at intercepting enemy aircraft at high altitudes.

Additionally, the P-43 Lancer boasted a robust oxygen supply system, which was crucial for high-altitude operations. The system ensured the pilot had a continuous and adequate oxygen supply, enabling them to function optimally at higher altitudes. This feature allowed the P-43 Lancer to operate above what many other aircraft of its time.

Impact on World War II

The P-43 Lancer played a minor role in World War II as it was considered unfit for combat. It was, successful for high-altitude reconnaissance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many P-43 Lancer Aircraft Were Produced During World War Ii?

Around 272 P-43 Lancers were manufactured.

What Were the Main of the P-43 Lancer?

The lack of a self-healing fuel tank and armor made it easy to shoot down.

Did the P-43 Lancer See Any Combat Action?

This aircraft saw limited action.


The P-43 Lancer was not a significant aircraft during World War II. Its main contributions were as a trainer and high altitude reconnaissance.


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